melimet, v.t.bail; bail out and discard; scoop dirt out of.
melimet a mengoit a ralm, daob; ngimetii, nguimet a mlai me a chert; ngmetel. a melimet er ngii, melai a ngmatel. a melimet; meses el mla nguimet a mlai me a bilas.
melelemelimetv.t.redup.keep bailing.
mengimetv.erg.(house) empty (of persons).
mengimet a mla mo diak; nglai a ralm er a chelsel; nglimet a mlai; rechad a mla mengimet el mo er a bai; mla mo diak a chad er a blai.
/ngmetall to be bailed.
ngmetall a ngmatel.
nglimet a mla mengimet; mlai a nglimet; diak a ngmatel er ngii.
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> There was no one at home because they'd all gone fishing.
More Examples:
> You all take turns bailing the boat so that it will be finished quickly.
> John, go swim, and while you're there, bail the boat.

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