meling, v.t.make/open/punch hole in.
meling a lingir; remuul a belsibs; rullii el mo chemars; lingir a baket, lming, lngil. a meling er ngii, rullii el mo chemars; metetoech. a meling; remuul el mo chemars; mo metetoech.
kelingv.recip.make holes in something together; punch holes in each other things.
keling a didu el meling; lingir, lming, omsibs; te keling a deromukang. to have hole punched/opened in it.
lingall a kirel meling; bsebsall, lingir a beached; msebsii a bechad el mo lling.
llingv.r.s.punched with a hole.
lling a mla meling; chemars, ngar er ngii a blsibes; lingir, lming, lling el olekang.
More Examples:
> My brother borrowed my net and now it's all tangled.

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