melinget, v.t.stop up; plug; cork; seal off; block (intentionally).
melinget a loia, locha a tinget; tingetii, tminget a chemars; tngetel. a melinget er ngii. a melinget a chemars; tminget a butiliang; tngetel.
olingetn.instr.anything used as plug or stopper.
olinget a tinget; klekedall el melinget, tingetii, tminget a dingal, tngetel.
telingetv.r.s.plugged (at one end).
telinget a telenget; mla metinget; melinget a butiliang, tminget a dingal; tngetel; delangeb.
/tngotel to be plugged up.
tingetall a dengobel; kirel el metinget; tingetii, tminget a butiliang.
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