meliokl, v.t.cook or boil (ongraol) in water.
meliokl a melengoes a ongraol; ngiiklii; ngiokl a brak; ngiklel. a meliokl er ngii. a meliokl; mla ngiokl a kukau; ngiklel a ongraol.
mengingioklv.erg.redup.(ongraol) easy to cook.
mengingiokl a mereched e beot el mo marek; mengingiokl el diokang.
mengioklv.erg.mengiokl a ngeliokl; mla mengiokl a kukau; ngiklii; ngiokl, ngiklel a kukau
ngelioklv.r.s.(ongraol) cooked or boiled in water.
ngisallv.a.s.(ongraol) is to be cooked or boiled in water; (tapioca) just ripe for boiling.
ngisall a kirel el mengiokl; ngisall a ongraol er a kebesengei el diokang.
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> Cook the breadfruit for about 45 minutes.

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