melmotm, v.t.suck in or on; suck out (blood etc.); dredge; syphon; kiss.
melmotm a timetmii; timotm a titimel, timetmel. a melmotm er ngii. a melmotm.
ketmotmv.recip.kiss each other on mouth.
ketmotm a didu el melmotm; timetmii, timotm, ketmotm a titimel, timetmel.
telmotmv.r.s.sucked in, on or out; dredged; syphoned; kissed.
telmotm a telimd; mla metmotm; timotm a titimel; timetmii a mengur, melmotm, timetmel. to be sucked in, on or out; is to be dredged or syphoned; is to be kissed.
timetmall a kirel metmotm; melmotm er ngii; timetmii a titimel, timotm a medal a ngikel; timetmel.
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