meloko, v.t.blow out (candle, etc.); blow up (balloon); blow on or at; smoke or puff (cigarette).
meloko a oltobed a telil; dokouii a dekool, dekeuel.
/dokouii a meloko er ngii, dokuii a olbidel. a meloko; mla dmoko a betok el dekool, dokouii a dekool, dekool; dmoko a olbidel.
/dekool to be blown out, inflated, smoked or puffed.
dekool a kirel el medoko, meloko er a ngau, dokouii a ngaok, meloko er a dekool.
delokov.r.s.blown out; inflated; smoked; puffed.
deloko a mla medoko; dokouii, dmoko a dekool, meloko er a ngau, dekoel.
kedokov.recip.blow on (each other's faces; ears; etc.).
kedoko a betok el meloko; dokouii, dmoko, rengalek a kedoko a teriobs, kedoko a dekool, dekeuel
medokov.erg.medoko a deloko; dokouii a ngaok, dmoko a kandalang, mla medoko, dekouel a olbidel.
melekedokov.redup.blow at or smoke (continually); smoke leisurely.
melekedoko a mekudem el meloko; dokouii a ngau; dmoko a dekool, dekouel.
See also:
> Have you quit or giving up smoking?
> He smokes cigarettes constantly.
> Droteo smokes cigarettes when(ever) he studies.
> Is there anyone among you who smokes cigarettes.
> I stopped my child from smoking cigarettes.
More Examples:
> Cigarrette prices has gone up a lot.
> My budget was low, I could not buy cigarettes.
> What is in your hand? It is a cigarette, not gun.

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