mengad, v.t.slap (ear).
mengad a chemad; chetil el lorenges; chodengii a dingal, chelad a dingal, chedengel. a leko ng diak el rrenges; oumechad er ngii, chemad a dingal er a urreor, diak le kerekikl.
cheladv.r.s.(ear) slapped.
chelad a oumechad er ngii; diak el soal remenges, mla chemad a dingal.
mechadv.erg.(ear) get slapped.
mechad a mekngit el orrenges; diak lorrenges; mechad a dingal, mechedengel, mechedengoel.
chelad a dingal expr.unconcerned; stoned; intoxicated from marijuana.
mengad a dingal expr.pretend not to hear; ignore.
See also:
> Droteo is deaf.
> Droteo is deaf.
More Examples:
> Im a bit hard of hearing.
mengad, v.t.(animal, child) roll (itself) in dirt; roll or rub (sea cucumber) in ashes (to remove bad tasting outer membrane).
mengad a kmad a cheremrum, irimd; melai a mekoll er ngii el olab a chab; kedil. a mengad er ngii; cheremrum. a mengad; melai a mekoll er a buld el mengoit; mla kmad a cheremrum, kedil.
kedallv.a.s.(sea cucumber) is to be rolled/rubbed in ashes (to remove bad-tasting outer membrane).
kedall a kirel el mekad; kmad a cheremrum, mengad a irimd, ngmai a mekool er a budel; kedil a cheremrum.
kladv.r.s.(sea cucumber) rolled/rubbed in ashes (to remove bad-tasting outer membrane).
klad er a chutem; a di dechudech el ta el chad. klad a mla mekad; kodir, kmad, mengad a cheremrum el mlai a mekoll er ngii; kedil.

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