mengaus, v.t.sprinkle lime on; weave (basket; fish trap; mat); mend (clothes).
mengaus a locha chaus er a chemachel; chousii a chemelel.
/chusii a mengaus er ngii; chemachel. a mengaus; chemaus a chemachel, chemaus a oruikl, chusel.
v.r.s.sprinkled with lime; woven.
chelaus a mla mechaus; chemelel a chelaus, mengaus, chusel a chemachel; chousii a oruikl, chemaus a tet, chusel.
cheleuikl a chelaus el tet; chelaus el chemachel, mla mechaus, chousii, chemaus, mengaus. to be sprinkled with lime; is to be woven.
cheuikl a kirel el mechaus; chousii, mengaus a sualo, chusel a tet.
chukleln.a.s.poss.3sweaving work.
kechausv.recip.sprinkle lime on each other (as a game).
kechaus a didu el mengaus; kechaus a chemelir, chousii a chemelel; chusel a chemachel.
mechausv.erg.mechaus a chelaus; mla mo er ngii a chaus, chousii, chemaus a chemachel, chusel. mechaus a chelaus; mla rullii a oruikl; chousii, chemaus a oruikl, chusel.
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More Examples:
> My dad taught me how to make thatch roofs.
> My mom tried to teach me how to weave hats from pandanus leaves.

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