mengeleleu, v.t.whiten; lighten (color; hair); bleach (clothes); make (someone) pale; frighten.
mengeleleu a cholelengii; choleleu; dengerenger a rullid el mo medakd e merur; a mengeleleu a medad. a mengeleleu er ngii; mekerrengii, mo cheleleu a medal.
choleleu a mengeleleu a mederir, mo merur.
mengeleleuv.t.mengeleleu a choleleu a mesei; ngmai a dait el mo diak; cholelengii a sers el mo diak a dellomel.
mengeleuv.s.whitish; off-white.
mengeleu a tekib el becheleleu; mengeleu el cheleched.
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> Like eastern showers from white clouds, still the raincoat is ripped
During the months of the east wind, During the months of the east wind, roughly January through June, rain often comes from innocent-looking white cloud and is accompanied by brief gusts of wind strong enough to tear the traditional betel-nut-spathe raincoat; hence, an opponent whose strength is greater than anticipated.

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