mengesekl, v.t.cook with spices; burn (pan) while cooking.
mengesekl a melul a kall er a bebul a beached; chosekl a diokang, choseklii a ngikel; cheseklel a mengesekl er ngii. a mengesekl a kall.
chelseklv.r.s.cooked with spices.
chelsekl a mla mechesekl; kall el delul er a bebul a deel; choseklii, chosekl a diokang, mengesekl, cheseklel. to be cooked with spices.
chesekill a kirel el mechesekl; choseklii, chosekl a malk, mengesekl, cheseklel.
mecheseklv.erg.mechesekl a chelsekl; choseklii, chosekl a diokang, mengesekl, cheseklel.
mengeseklv.i. (grease) splutter.
chesekl el kedexpr.dried out bamboo.
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> i made stir fried bamboo shoots with chicken.
> I heard we can literally fry eggs on the sidewalk because of the heat.

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