mengetkat, v.t.irritate (wound); be messy with (food) (e.g., break it up into small pieces, etc.).
mengetkat a mengerad; kotketir, kotkat a bedengel, kltkat, ketketil. a mengetkat er ngii; ketketil. a chorad; mengetkat; chut er a tonget a mla kotkat a bedengek.
keltkatv.r.s.(wound) irritated.
keltkat a telemall; delobech, terechel, keltkat a ochil, ketketil a uach.
ketketiilv.a.s. (wound) is to be irritated
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More Examples:
> I have a lot of scars all over my body.
> Stop picking on your sores that's why they don't get healed!

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