mengiil, v.t.wait for; expect.
mengiil a olsingch; choielii; chemiil; chielel. a mengiil er ngii; olsingch. a mengiil, olsingch, chemiil a bilas el mei.
v.recip.wait for each other.
chachiil a kaiuesingch; di du el mengiil; kachiil, choielii el mei, chemiil a mlai, chiielel. a rechad, kaiuesingch.
kachiil a chachiil; didu el mengiil; kaiuesingch, recheldebechel a kachiil, mengiil, chielel.
cheliilv.r.s.waited for; expected. to be waited for.
chioll a kirel el mechiil; merreder a chioll er a cheldecheduch, choielii., olsingch er ngii.
mechiilv.erg.mechiil a chioll; choielii; olsingch; merreder a kirel el mechiil er a skoki.
mengichiilv.t.redup.keep waiting for.
mengichiil a telkib el mengiil; olsingch.
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> This is just what I'm waiting for.
> Wait for me!
> I'm occupied or stuck waiting for Hermana.
More Examples:
> John is taking too long and his wife is "like a decorated lobster" waiting for him.
> I'm waiting for him to say he does not want to.

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