mengiis, v.t.dig; (chicken) scratch in (ground); (pig) root in (ground); open with key; unlock; wind (watch, clock).
mengiis a kiesii; kmiis a chutem el oba osib; kliis, kisel a chutem; mengiis a melai a chesimer el oba kiis; kiesii, kmiis; kisel a chesimer.
/kiisii a mengiis er ngii, kiesii a chutem, kmiis el oba osib, kisel; keisii a mengiis er ngii, kiesii a chesimer el oba a kiis; kisel.
kmiis a mengiis; kmiis a chutem el oba osib; kmiis a chesimer el oba a kiis.
/kiiesall to be dug; is to be opened or unlocked; (clock, watch) is to be wound.
kiokl a kirel el mekiis; kiesii el mo delluchel, kmiis a chutem, mengiis er ngii, mesib.
v.r.s.(ground) dug/scratched in (by chicken); opened or unlocked; (clock, watch) wound.
kliis a mla mekiis; kliokl; debull a kliis, kiesii el mo delluchel, kmiis, mengiis, kisel a debull.
kliokl a kliis el chutem.
mekiisv.erg.lok er a chesimer a mla mekiis er a kiis.
v.t.redup.keep digging or scratching in (ground).
mengeskiis a mekokil e mekudem el mengiis; kisel a chutem.
mengikiis a telkib e mekudem el mengiis; a babii a mengikiis er a mekesokes.
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> I'm going to begin digging the hole tomorrow.
More Examples:
> At 6:00 a.m. I wake up.
> I'm going to harvest some tapioca and dig up some sweet potato.

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