mengikai, v.t.swim (particular distance or course).
mengikai a olab a chimal me a ochil el meius er a daob; koikiur a cheroid, kikiul a toachel. a mengikai er ngii; mla koikiur a Ngermechiuch. a mengikai, kikiul a betok el toachel.
v.a.s.(distance or course) is to be swum.
kikiuul a kmeed el sebechel el mekikai; mengikai er ngii el mo er a bitang.
klikaiv.r.s.(distance or course) swum.
klikai a mla mekikai; klikai a meteu el toachel; koikai, kikiul a cheroid.
mengkekikaiv.redup. continuously swimming; (arms and legs) flailing (as in a person swimming clumsily).
chad er a mengikaiexpr.good swimmer.
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> Anyone who doesn't know how to swim will drown.
> Toki doesn't know how to swim.

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