omengkangk, v.t.lay (usually, long object) on ground.
omengkangk a omekedurs; mengkangk a kerrekar, mengkengkii a oluches, bengkengkel a omengkangk er ngii; mo blengkangk. a omengkangk; mengkengkii a bambuu; mkelii el mo mechiuaiu; bengkengkel.
blengkengkeln.poss.3slowness (of tide).
blengkengkel a blengkangk er ngii el chei. to be laid on ground.
bengkengkall a kirel el obengkangk; mengkengkii a bambuu, mengkangk a kerrekar, mo blengkangk, bengkengkel.
bengkengkollv.a.s.(object, usually long) to be laid on ground; exposed quickly by outgoing tide.
bengkengkoll a meched el obebengkangk a mlai er ngii.
blengkangkv.r.s.laid or lying down on ground (in disarray); (tide) low.
blengkangk a ngar eou; meched, kerrekar a blengkangk, chei a blengkangk.
v.i.fall down suddenly.
kebengkangk a mo obengkangk; metilech, blengkangk, kedelebuu el chad a mla kebengkangk er a chutem, bengkengkel.
obengkangkv.erg.fall down or collapse (in a sprawl).
blengkangk a cheiexpr.tide is low.
More Examples:
> I am the good Shepherd. The good Shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.

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