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daob, n.sea; ocean; salt water.
daob a ralm er a chei; beluu er a Belau a iliuekl er a daob, debel.
meraeldaobn.strong current in open sea (usually accompanied by swells).
meraeldaob a mesisiich el berius er a ikrel, dailechei.
debel a klengoesexpr.salt water for cooking klengoes.
debel a mekaebexpr.the ocean between Angaur and Peliliu.
debel a mlaiexpr.boat's wake.
debel a redilexpr.labor pains.
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> The ocean of our islands is abundant in fish.
> It's like the foam of the sea, which just forms and then disappears.
> Due to the weather conditions and increasing hazardous surf, the National Emergency Office (NEMO) is issuing a Small Craft Warning for the entire Republic of Palau. Water conditions from outside the reef through all exposures are very rough at this time. Travel between Peleliu and Angaur, Kayangel and Ollei and/or outside the reefs are strictly prohibited. Small craft warning flags have been raised and the republic is requested to observe this warning. NEMO will continue to monitor these marine conditions and advise the public accordingly.
> This medicine must be used with salt water (to be effective).
> Sis is washing her clothes in the ocean.
> It's like the foam of the sea, which forms unexpectedly and then disappears.
It's a matter that comes up for lengthy discussions and then is dropped without resolution or effect.
> Sea crabs have pushed out land crabs.
Outsiders have taken over the land or titles of local people. An outsider (e.g., adopted child, friend) has become more important than a blood relative.
> A good leader is like rain that calms the ocean.
He can calm down disputes and settle problems easily.
> A good leader, like rain, stills the ocean.
Rain falling during an ocean squall often seems to wipe away the winds and still the ocean. A good leader should be able to dispel the problems facing his people.
> The ocean crabs crowd out the village crabs.
"Crabs from the sea," in other words, commoner peoples who have only recently taken up residence, may become more influential than long-term residents of higher, historical rank. Members of such lineages, omengdakl or low status, because they must achieve to gain recognition and because they are adopted and protected by high ranking clans, may actually be more privileged than older residents.
More Examples:
> We didnt catch anything as the waves were really strong.
> Our president is focused on conserving and protecting the sea life.
> My younger brother and I were making our canoe.
> I was sleeping on the bench and listening to the waves breaking on the shore.

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