oumerang, v.i.believe; trust.
oumerang a ngar er ngii a klaumerang er ngii, oumerang er a chelid.
kaumerangv.recip.trust each other.
kaumerang a didu el oumerang; klaumera er a deleongel a mekerulii a ungil telungalek me a ungil el buai.
klaumerangn.mutual trust.
klaumerang a di du el oumerang; kaongesenges; kauteliakl; ngar er ngii a klaumerang er a delongelir.
meralcont.mera el
merangv.s.true; real; actual; legitimate; authentic.
merang a klemerang; diak le blulak; kedung a melekoi a merang.
mera el chadexpr.adult; dependable person.
mera el chad er a beluuexpr.legitimate resident; loyal citizen.
mera el tekoiexpr.things of value, worthwhile thing, deed, etc.
> Ulang, you are always inept and end up short.
> It's true.
> Droteo believes that the teacher killed the old woman.
> It is exactly marked and it is to cut when when we need to saw it.
More Examples:
> The ceremony for the birth bath yesterday, the young mother looked really beautiful.
> The boat is hitting the waves hard making my hips sore.
> The electric bill is so high this month.
> The mango tree at the taro swamp is covered with fruits.
> The return of the land to the original clan members went well as planned without any disruptions.

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