mereched, v.s.early; fast.
merecherechedv.s.redup.very fast; advancing; progressing.
mereched a bdelulexpr.shrewd; foxy; quick-witted; alert; fast-thinking.
mereched a chimalexpr.have sticky fingers; fast in stealing things.
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> You will soon neglect what you already know.
> said the duck, who was quite a gossip.
> You should see a doctor as soon as possible.
> The boat is coming early.
More Examples:
> You get irritable so quickly.
> The setting of the sun is very quick today.
> We like it quick and easy money making schemes without thinking for the future.
te, n., [From Japanese] ability; skill; style.
meoud a teexpr.slow witted.
mereched a teexpr.clever.
> They both spoke at the same time.
> The survivors scattered, each man running off by himself.
> The boys like us.
> Who are those two people (i.e. what are their names)?
> Maybe they've gotten sick.
> They're from Angaur.
They eat rope; rope is used to tie slaves and is therefore a symbol of inferiority.
> They are as though eating deldalech.
Deldalech is the material once used to blacken teeth in Palau. When the deldalech was applied it was "eaten" by keeping the mouth and lips completely immobile for several hours until the dye had set. May be applied to a meeting at which some problem is presented for discussion and no discussion takes place, all the participants sitting in stony silence; also to a person or group that receives a reprimand in silence.
More Examples:
> Kerai, very soon the police will catch you and tie you up!
> The spirits knew that our home land is becoming deserted.
> We were listening to the radio. They were playing Belauan songs.
> They are laughing at what Bung said.
> The kids from school are so well behaved, they are picking up the trash on the sides of the road.

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