omerekerek, v.t.reboil (juice, gravy) continually until it becomes very thick; make candy out of miich (tropical almond).
omerekerek a meruul a urrekerek el uasech; merekerekii a uasech, merekerk a miich. a omerekerek er ngii; merekerek a uasech. a omerekerek; merekerekii a miich, merekerek a uasech; urrekerek el uasech.
urrekerekv.r.s.(juice, gravy) reboiled and thickened.
urrekerek a mla morekerek; mla mo medirt; urrekerek el uasech, merkerekii a miich, orekerekel.
urrekerek el uasechexpr.very thick gravy from fish stew, boiled for a long time and put up as preserves.
> Jelling of the fruit.
Coconut syrup, collected from the stem of the cut flower, is boiled to make it thick. The weather in August is spoken of as being extra hot in order to bring fruit to its final stage of ripeness for harvest.

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