omerek, v.t.spread (blanket, clothes, news, etc.); stretch out (arms, legs); propogate (religion, belief, etc.); cast or toss (e.g. fishnet); flatten and spread out (e.g. earth).
omerek a merek, merekii a bail, merek a babier, berekel.
/merekii a omerek er a iluil el klalo; berekel a mamed. a omerek; merkii a babier, merek a mamed; berekel a babier.
/berokel to be spread or stretched out or propagated.
berokel a kirel el oberk; merk a ungil el chais, merekii a osisechakl, berekel.
berrokelv.r.s.spread; stretched out; propagated.
berrokel a mla oberk; mla mesumech; berrokel a ungil el chisel, merekii, merek, berekel.
blerekv.r.s.spread; stretched out; propagated.
blerek a mla oberek; berrokel, omerek a babier, merekii, merek a chais, berekel.
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> I'm about to finish studying.
> The child may be watched/babysat because he behaved well last time.
> the first house of work to spread God's word in this country
> I can see the child because he behaved well last time.
> The travelers stopped being thirsty in a few hours.
More Examples:
> We went to the rock islands last week.
> Did you pay back your debt to your father, the money you borrowed last month?
> The Chinese ship finally sailed out last month.
> what time are you getting off of work?
> Lady at work is retiring. We are taking her out for lunch.

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