meringel, v.s.hard; difficult; painful; sore; (liquor; etc.) potent; peppery; expensive; (matter) serious/grave.
meringel a ringel; meringel a bedengel; chuarm a rengul; meringel el urreor.
/merenglang getting sore, etc..
merenglang a mla mo meringel.
v.s.redup.kind of difficult/expensive.
merengeringel a telkib el meringel; merengeringel a bedengek er a ulkokl.
meringel a chemelelexpr.tough character.
meringel a cheralexpr.expensive.
meringel a daobexpr.ocean is rough or stormy.
meringel a rengulexpr.feel bad about (something wasted); (something wasted) arouse sympathy; (something valuable) wasted.
meringel a silsexpr.sun is strong; weather is hot.
meringel a tekingelexpr.strict.
See also:
> Teaching mathematics is very difficult.
> These people with headaches are the ones who are going to the hospital.
> The sun is shining so hard and she's at the farm with nothing on her head.
> The sun is hot.
> They're Koreans (who eat peppery food).
More Examples:
> Yes, he or she has a stomachache.
> My head hurts, or I have a headache.
> Yes, my throat is sore.
> Who has a headache?
> My head is aching and I feel dizzy.

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