merodel, v.t.adopt (child); remove or lift (pot) from fire.
merodel a ngodechii a olsechall; remodel a klengoes, rodelii a olekang; rdelel. a merodel er ngii el tolochoi. a merodel; mla rodelii a ngeliokl; remodel a klengoes; choroid er a ingukl; rdelel.
v.a.s.(child) is to be adopted; (pot) is to be lifted from fire.
rdall a kirel el merodel; rodelii a ngelekel a chad el mo ngelekel; redellel a ngalek; rodelii a nguu er a ingukl; remodel a klengoes; rdelel a olekang.
v.r.s.(child) adopted; (pot) lifted from fire.
rrodel a mlengai el mo ngelekel a ngodech; mla merodel; rirdelii, rrodel el ngalek.
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> We use pot holders for lifting hot pot and pans.

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