omeruud, v.t.tear/pull off (wall, roof, etc.).
omeruud a melubet, choroid, merudii a chesimer, meruud a reng, berudel. a omeruud er ngii; ngubetii er a le ngar ngii; merudii a chesimer; berudel a chesimer.
beberruudv.r.s.redup.beberruud a nglubet a telkib er ngii; telkib el berrud.
berruudv.r.s.torn/pulled off.
berruud a mla oberuud; nglubet el cheroid, mla meruud a chesimer, berudel. to be torn/pulled off.
berudall a kirel el oberuud; merudii, meruud a chesimer, berudel.
blerruudv.r.s.torn/pulled off.
blerruud a mla oberuud; nglubet, blerruud a chesimer, mrudii, meruud a chesimer.
> He's gone adrift./He doesn't know what he's doing.

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