merusech, v.t.pound (food; betel nut; medicine); pound/punch at (someone).
merusech a remusech a belsiich el oba chai; rusechii a chemelel; merusech e meleot; rsechel a chemachel. a merusech er ngii el kukau. a merusech, ke mla remusech a belsiich? rusechii, rsechel a blsiich.
kerusechv.recip.punch at each other.
kerusech a didu el merusech; remechas a kerusech a kukau, rusechii, remusech, rsechel.
merserusechv.t.redup.merserusech a remusech a ongraol; rsechel a belsiich.
rrusechv.r.s.(food, betel nut, medicine) pounded; punched.
rrusech a mla merusech; remusech a kukau el mo belsiich; rusechii, rsechel; cherrad.
rsachelv.a.s.(food, betel nut, medicine) is to be pounded; is to be punched.
rsachel a kirel el merusech; kukau a rsachel; remusech a belsiich.
merusech a rengulexpr.repentant.
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> You pound it until it's soft; how soft depends on the pounding.
More Examples:
> Honey, cant you pound some taro so we could eat?

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