delengchokl, conditions; way of life; settlement; residence.
delengchokl a blai; teletael er a rechad el kiei, delengchokl er a chelechang a bai meringel er a irechar.
delengerenger, n.r.s.poor behavior; sin; crime.
delengerenger a mekngit el omeruul; oterebek me a osisebel a mekngit el kar a delengerenger, delengerenger a mengebuul a beluu, delengerengerel.
kldung, n.good/moral behavior.
kldung a kedung; ungil a omerrellel; bekongesenges a llach; mengull a tekoi.
klengit, n.sin; evil; bad result.
klengit a mekngit el omeruul; kngtil a tekoi; temellel a llach.
, n.benefit; goodness; beauty; quality.
klungiaol a lusech; melusech; ungil el tekoi el duubech a klungiaol, klungiolel.
meruul, v.t.make; do; prepare; produce; repair; make or cause (someone) to do something; make/cause (someone, to do something).
meruul a mengedmokl; rullii a odoim; remuul a ungil el urreor; rellel.
singio, n., [From Japanese] trust; reputation.
meruul a singio er (oneself) in a good light; show (oneself) to be responsible or trustworthy; put one's best food forward.
> She is trustworthy.
temall, magic (cast onto any person or thing); damage; destruction.
temall a olai el melemall e olsecher e sebechel el omekoad a rechad.
ulaol, n.floor; friendly relationship between two families or clans.
ulaol a klekedellel a blai el dengchekill; dengchokl er a ulaol; ulolel a blik a bambuu.

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