mesab, v.t.(animal) move in on / snap at / peck at (food; prey); swallow up; harvest.
mesab a klebungel; sobngii; suab a kelel; bedaoch a mesab a ngikel, sebngel a ngikel. a mesab er ngii; bilis a mesab er a kelel. a omangch; mesab, bilis a mla suab a ngikel; sobngii; suab a mesab; sobngii; omadel a klab; mla suab a kukau; sebngel
kesabv.recip.peck at (food) together; (dogs) snap at each other.
kesab a di du el mesab; sobngii, suab, ngikel a kesab a uaol, sebngel a uaol.
mesabv.erg.mesab a melai; omadel, suab a klab; mesab a kukau; sobngii, sebngel.
/sebungel to be snapped/pecked at; is to be harvested.
sebungel a kirel el mesab; kirel el mengai; sobngii, suab a kukau.
v.r.s.snapped or pecked at.
selab a klebungl er ngii; mesab er a kall; sobngii, suab, bilis a selab er a kelel, sebngel; seleches.
klebungel a selab er ngii; blengechel; mesab, sobngii.
See also:
> You're like a fish bait which can be eaten or pecked from the top and bottom.
You don't know what to do coz chores keep coming in from left and right.
More Examples:
> I'm going to harvest one of my taro square. It is now big harvest season time.

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