mesam, v.t.begin to thrust at someone but then stop (arm, spear, etc.) halfway (in order to deceive); gesture threateningly with (hand); try; test; challenge.
mesam a suam a chimal el leko ng mengelebed; omekdakd; somur a ngerel; semul a chim; mesam a melasem er a chellungel me a telechull, suam a sualo el omes a berraod; somur a telechull; semul. a omekiam; mesam a chimal; somur a chimal er a ngalek ousekool el omekdakd. a mesam; mochu mengelebed; suam a chimal er a bilis; somur; semul a chim.
kesamv.recip.gesture threateningly at each other.
kesam a didu el mesam; mesachel a chimal; somur, suam a chimal er a ngalek, rengalek a kesam a chimorir el leko te mengelebed, semul a chim.
selamv.r.s.thrust at.
selam a mla mesam; somur, selam a chimal el omekdakd; omekiam.
More Examples:
> Why are you making fist, wanna get smacked?

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