mesebek, v.t.kick (with forward movement of leg); press against firmly with feet.
mesebek a melolk; sobekii a bduu; suebek a tebel; uach a diak le kirel mesebek a klalo; sebekel a bduu. a mesebek er ngii.
kesebekv.recip.kick each other.
kesebek a kedolk; di du el mesebek; sobekii; olab a chocherir el kedolk, suebek a tebel.
mesebekv.erg. to be kicked.
sebokel a kirel el mesebek; osebokel er a rrat a sebokel; roderdii, sobekii, suebek, sebekel.
selebek a selarech; mla mesebek; tebel a selebek; sobekii a kingall, suebek a klalo, sebekel.
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> We sort of became a little bit worried.
> Do you know that Ngeriungs is an important Bird Area in the world?
> I am worried.
> I am so worried that I cannot speak.
> Peter became worried.
> Like the kingfisher, chattering while taking to wing.
The kingfisher, a restless, bullying bluebird, may be heard to chatter loudly when flying up from the ground or from a perch. The saying applies to one who suddenly spouts instructions to a group, then leaves, or to a leader at a meeting who impatiently interrupts a discussion with a burst of pronouncements, then ends the meeting.
> You're like the stork which flies with its legs dangling.
You leave unfinished business behind and split.
> Like a pigeon-seeing the danger, yet it flies from cover
The pigeon sits quietly concealed until some threat appears, then it flies out, revealing itself. The idiom applies to a person who unnecessarily exposes himself to danger, leaves the house in the rain, or takes a boat out in a storm.
> Like the purple swamp hen, flying off with its legs hanging down
The purple swamp hen (uek; other sources name another bird, sechou [heron]) is careless about its legs when it flies, letting them dangle in flight instead of neatly tucking them up like other, more trim flyers. The saying applies to persons who do sloppy work or carelessly leave a task half finished
> You're a flying kite, but i hold the guide string.
No matter how much you play around, you always come back to me.

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