meseked, v.s.crowded; well-attended; filled; (clothing) too tight to put on.
meseked a kosekodel; diak le medidai; sokedii a skuul, smeked a blai, sekedel. getting crowded/tight.
mesekedang a mla mo meseked.
mesekesekedv.s.redup.nearly filled; (clothing) tight (but still wearable).
mesekeseked a telkib el meseked; kebkab a mesekeseked er a cheldingel.
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> The school is getting crowded.
> The school is getting (more and more) crowded.
More Examples:
> Yes, there were a lot of people at the party.
> There are lots of people in Guam.
> Were there a lot of people at the party?

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