melibas, v.t.trip; put obstacles on way of; hinder (matter); interfere in.
melibas a melemall; soibesengii me ng moubuu; soibas a klalo el olab a ochil; sibesengel a chad a mekngit. a melibas er ngii. a melibas; meruul er ngii el moubuu; soibesengii a sechelil; sibesengel.
kasibasv.recip.trip each other.
kasibas a kakerous el melibas; kasibas er a klaiuengader, ketemall, sibesengii, soibas a ochil, sibesengel a chad.
mesibasv.erg.trip or stumble on.
selibasv.r.s.tripped; hindered.
selibas a mla mesibas; selibas er a urrutel; soibesengii, soibas a ochil; sibesengel. to be tripped or hindered.
sibesongel a olibesongel; ngii di le ngera el melibas; tetuk el kerrekar a sibesongel er a rael; mesaik el chad a sibesongel er a urreor.
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> He slipped and scratched his arm.
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> They were pushing each other and he slipped and split his head.

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