iedel a kerrekar el kall a rdechel.
n.poss.3sedelel a iedel el ngii a ouklalo er ngii.
iedelel a iedel el ngii a oukerrekar er ngii.
n.hog plum (type of mango).
A mesiedel a dellomel; ng mo klou el kerrekar el ua a titimel. A mesiedel a di ua a teletelel a titimel. Ng di meklou a redechel er a redechel a titimel. Ng merekos a redechel. Ng kall.
More Examples:
> What does mango smell like?
> I really really want those mangos.
> What's the shape and texture of mangoes?
> What does mango taste like?
> Ulang is hoarding her mango and doesn't want to share, hopefully she will get a bellyache.

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