osiik, v.t.look for, seek.
osiik a merrau; siekii a mlo dibus el buik, osiik a udoud, smiik a kall; skel a dibus.
v.pf.3ssiekii a osiik er ngii; merrau er ngii.
smiikv.pf.3p.inan.smiik a osiik; osiik a rolel el mo ungil; siekii; smiik a udoud.
kesiikv.recip.look for each other.
kesiik a kasisiik; didu el osiik; kesiik a udoud el mo er a mechesang.
osiekangv.t.inch.beginning to look for.
seliikv.r.s.(object or person) looked for or searched for or having been sought after.
seliik a mla mesiik; mla metik, rrechorech el udoud a seliik; smiik; skel.
siokelv.a.s.is to be looked or sought for.
siokel a kirel el mesiik; osiik er a mo menguteling er a buai; siekii; skel
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> Someone or other came looking for you.
> He's intent upon finding a way to Toki's heart.
> This is just what I'm looking for.
More Examples:
> The boy is hiding in his house because the police are looking for him.
> I am looking for a car.

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