mesilek, v.t.wash (clothes; hair; rice; etc.).
mesilek a smilek a klalo; melai a idekel a bail, omekbeches; silekii a bilek; selekel. a mesilek er ngii. a mesilek; smilek a bail me a taor, selekel.
kesilekv.recip.wash (each other's clothes).
kesilek a didu el mesilek; silekii, smilek a bail, selekel.
meselsilekv.erg.redup.(something get) wildly beaten or shaken.
selilek a mla mesilek; bail a selilek; silekii, smilek, selekel.
selilikv.r.s. to be washed.
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> How is the laundry coming along (i.e. is it dry yet)?
> Sis is washing her clothes in the ocean.
> Like the Bilimbi tree which, if not shaken, will not bear fruit.
Applied to a person who does not fulfill their obligations without constant prodding or nagging.
More Examples:
> Fold the clothes.
> Wash the clothes!

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