mesmechokl, v.t.put (things) in order; correct (person) for mistaken statement; put (someone; oneself) in correct position (in dancing; sports; etc. or when sitting among elders); improve; instruct or direct (person) about right way of doing something.
mesmechokl a remuul el mo er a urrebetellel; sumecheklii a omekedecheraol; sumechokl a tekoi, smecheklel. a mesmechokl er ngii; merechebesul; sumechokl, sumecheklii a cheldechedechal; rullii el ungil; smecheklel. a mesmechokl; locha er a urrebetellel; sumechokl a klalo er a blai.
v.r.s.put in order; corrected; improved.
selmechokl a mla mesmechokl; kldmokl; mo rael a selmechokl; sumecheklii, smecheklel; llemeltel. to be put in order, corrected or improved.
smechekill a kirel mesmechokl; sumecheklii a rengul, sumechokl a chebirukel el mo melemalt; smecheklel.
See also:
> The attorneys will attempt at a settlement to avoid trial.
More Examples:
> Teachers had the authority to discipline and correct the kids on premises.

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