mesodel, v.t.tear (cloth, paper, etc.); dismember (slaughtered animal).
mesodel a met; kesib a rengul a mesodel a bilel; sodelii; smodel a bail, sedelel. a mesodel; melat er ngii. a melat; mesodel a babier; mla smodel a bilel; sodelii, sedelel.
kesodelv.recip.slash at each other (with knives); tear (things) together.
kesodel a kesekosek; di du el mesodel; sodelii, kesodel er a babii, sokesekii, sedelel a babii.
mesesodelv.erg.redup.easily torn; get torn all over.
mesesodel a beot el mesodel, beot el metat; mechitechut el bail a mesesodel; sedelel a mechut el bail. to be torn or dismembered.
selesodelv.r.s.redup.torn all over.
selodelv.r.s.torn; dismembered.
selodel a telat; sodelii a bail; smodel a babier; mesodel, sedelel.
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> I didn't notice that my clothes were torn.
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> We are sectioning the pig.

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