melubs, v.t.sprinkle; spray; throw water on (from container); water (plants).
melubs a melekimes; suubs er a ralm; subsii, sebsel. a melubs er ngii er a ralm; sebsel er a ralm. a melubs; melekimes; suubs a dellomel.
kesubsv.recip.spray each other.
kesubs a kediim; di du el melubs; melekimes, subsii, suubs a dellomel, sebsel a dellomel.
/sbukl to be sprinkled, sprayed or watered.
sebsall a sbukl; kirel el mesubs; suubs a dellomel, subsii, melubs er a ralm; sebsel.
sbukl a sebsall; kirel el mesubs, bung a sbukl, subsii, suubs er a ralm, sebsel.
selubsv.r.s.sprinkled; sprayed; watered.
selubs a mla mesubs er a ralm; subsii; suubs a dellomel, sebsel.
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