mesuld, v.t.erase; remove (name) from list; dry (someone, oneself) off (with towel, etc.); wipe off (mouth, nose, private parts, etc.).
mesuld a ngmai el mo diak; suldii er a rengul; smuld a llechukl, seldel a llechukl. a ngomedii; mesuld er ngii. a mesuld; melemed, smuld a medal; suldii, seldel.
kesuldv.recip.wipe each other off.
kesuld a di du ei mesuld; suldii a medal, meruul el mo medirt; seldel a chimorir; omekdirt.
meselsuldv.t.redup.keep wiping.
meselsuld a mekokil e blechoelel mesuld; meselsuld a cheleuid er a babier.
seldallv.a.s.seldall a kirel el mesuld; suldii a ulaol; smuld a tebel.
seluldv.r.s.erased; dried or wiped off.
seluld a mla mesuld; tolechoi a seluld a bedengel; suldii, smuld a llechukl; seldel. to be erased; is to be dried or wiped off.
sudall a mesesusuud; ulechel a kim a sudall; suedii, smuud.
See also:
> I'm wiping my hands with a towel.
More Examples:
> What am I wiping my hands with?
> You're wiping your hands with a towel.

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