melbotb, v.t.divide or split (long object) into small pieces, strips.
melbotb a meliud a mekemanget; tibotb a oluus, tibetbii olukl, tibetbel. a melbotb er ngii el bambuu. a melbotb; tibotb a oluus; tibetbii a ngais; tibetbel.
metbetbangv.erg.inch.metbetbang a mla metib; urreor a telib; mla metbotb a urrereel a rael; urreor a metbetbang.
v.a.s.(long object) is to be divided or split into small pieces, strips, etc.
tbetball a kirel el metbotb; tibetbii a besebes; tibotb a olukl; tbetbel.
telbotbv.r.s.(long object) divided or split into small pieces, strips.
telbotb a mla metbotb; tibetbii a olukl, melbotb a besebes; tibotb, tbetbel.
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