ometech, v.t.throw; (sun) throw rays (into or onto); pitch (in baseball); hurl object at; crack or pound (nut of tropical almond or shellfish); save (money or supplies) for an emergency or contingency.
ometech a metech, metechii a blai; uetech el bad, dengerenger a ometech a blai, mengaikedabel a blai el olab a bad; otechel; ometech a omech; a udoud el kldmokl el omech a bkaischemrungel el secher me a bebil er a usbechall a udoud er ngii el tekoi. a ometech er ngii; otechel a blai. a ometech el olab a uetech; metech a miich, metech a blai el olab a bad; metechii, otechel; metech a ometech; omech a bechoel; kudmokl a udoud el ometech a secher.
betechallv.a.s.betechall a otochel, kirel el meuetech er a bad, metechii a malk el mengiis a dellomel, otechel a malk
/otochel to be thrown at, pounded or cracked.
otochel a kirel el meuetech, metechii, metech, diak el otochel a charm.
v.r.s.having gotten thrown at; pounded; cracked.
bletech a uletech; mla obetech, mouetech, metechii a blai, metech, betechel a blai.
uletech a mla mouetech; mla metechii a bilis, metech a mlai, ometech, otechel.
v.recip.throw objects at each other.
keuetech a di du el ometech; metechii a blai, metech a mlai, otechel.
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