melecherakl, v.t.pick up with a hook; hang on a hook; unload (cargo) with a winch; (snake, etc.) attach or wind (tail) around.
melecherakl a locha er a techerakl; tuchereklii, tucherakl a bail, techereklel. a melecherakl er ngii. techereklel. a melecherakl.
katecheraklv.recip.hooked together.
katecherakl a didu el melecherakl; kerelir a katecherakl, tuchereklii, tucherakl a bail, techereklel.
katecheraklv.recip.(dogs) joined together in sexual intercourse.
metecheraklv.erg.get stuck or caught on. to be hung on a hook or unloaded with a winch.
techerekill a kirel el metecherakl; melecherakl er ngii.
telecheraklv.r.s.hooked; hung.
telecherakl a ngar er a techerakl; tuchereklii a bilel, tucherakl, techereklel.
telecherakl a rengulexpr.stubborn; obsessed; determined.
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> When I eat clam, the big muscle always gets stuck in my teeth.
> The anchor is stuck. Back up and see if it will come out.

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