metengel, v.i.descend; come/climb down; land.
metengel a mei er eou; metengel er a mlai; oldengelengel er a ked; metengel er a lius; tengelel.
metengetengelv.i.redup.keep coming down.
metengetengel a blechoel, mekudem el metengel; metengetengel a baoch er a Ngerdorech.
metengel a chullexpr.rain comes down.
metengel a ielebexpr.flood descends or comes down (upon).
tengelel a ielebexpr.coming of flood.
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> The child climbed down from the tree.
More Examples:
> We were walking fine on the road until a really fast car sped by that abruptly forced us into a ditch.

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