metik, v.i.find.
metik a seliik; mla smiik; mla siekii; mla metik a ririid el kiis.
bltkil a renguln.poss.3sone's affection/concern for.
betikv.erg.betik a ngar er a omeltkel; beltik el reng, betik er a rengul
betik a rengul
/beltik a rengul
v.s.having a deep feeling or affection for; love.
metkeiv.inch.has just found.
metkei a ko el mla metik; meketeket el kusiik e ko el metkei a ririid el kisek.
Ng betik a renguk er kau.expr.I love you.
betik er a's beloved.
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> I have a deep affection for you, so that's why I'm warning you.
> If you find something good, then remember us.
> Have you found something you like?
More Examples:
> Ulang might have a chance to find candy on the road.
> Most Americans living in Belau love Belau and future compact towards the island.
> I love you, my friend.
> My mother and father love me.
> Is it hard for you to say I love you?

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