metom, v.t.lose; miss; fail to catch (fish, etc.); drop accidentally.
metom a telom; tomir, tuom el diak a lengai; diak a cheldil; temeel.
/tomir a tomir.
tomeii a tomir; metom er ngii; ak mla tomeii a ngerek e dmu a berotel el tekoi.
tomir a metom er ngii; tomii; mla tomir a bduu; temeel.
/tilemir a metom; orebet, mla tuom a klalo; tomir a mesei, tuom a chutem; temeel er a chutem.
metemtomv.s.redup.clumsy; uncoordinated.
telomv.r.s.dropped accidentally.
telom a dimlak a le ngai; mla metom mlo er a chei e diak a cheldil; temeel.
temetomv.s.redup.clumsy; uncoordinated.
> Don't be like the man from Ngerchemai who lost both the turtle and the canoe.
Don't bite off more than you can chew...don't be selfish.
> Like the man of Ngerechemai, who lost his turtle and lost his canoe.
Relates to a fisherman who jumped from his canoe to catch a turtle only to find that his canoe had drifted beyond recovery. Applies to any situation where a person fails at a task, or, aptly, to a situation where a man, through his own foolishness, loses both his wife and his mistress.
More Examples:
> I didn't mean to cuss or swear. It slipped out of my mouth.

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