melord, v.t.irritate; annoy; frustrate.
melord a tomellii a rengul; tordii a delal; bechil a telord, terdel. a melord er ngii; tomellii a rengul.
beketertordv.s.redup.easily irritated or frustrated.
beketertord a mereched el metord; tord, metemall a rengul, tordii, terdel. disappointed by each other's behavior.
ketord a didu el metord; tordii a bechil; katertord; telemall a delongelir, teredel.
metordv.erg.get annoyed or irritated by; get fed up with.
telordv.r.s.irritated; annoyed; frustrated.
telord a mekngit a rengul; telemall a rengul; mla metord e merael; tordii a bechil, terdel. to be irritated/annoyed/frustrated.
See also:
> Toki is fed up with her husband, so she's living at her father's place.
> He's like the chambered nautilus whose shell is very fragile.
When provoked, he gets easily irritated or angered.
> Like the chambered nautilus, just a touch and injured.
The Palauan believes that the chambered nautilus lives in the sea at great depth and, at the slightest touch against a rock, its shell is broken and it drifts to the surface where it dies. The saying may be applied to a poor sport, one who angers easily or who reacts badly when the victim of a prank.
More Examples:
> Ulang keeps dwelling and fermenting in the past and gets all worked up and shut down.

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