meliud, v.t.cut (fruit; log; board; pandanus leaf; etc.) lengthwise/down the middle.
meliud a mengaibibeob; meliuekl, remurt el iuedii a kurangd, imiud a such, iuedel. meliud a melobech el llemolem, tiuedii a bobai, tmiud a sangdiang; tmiud a idungel; tudel.
/tiuedii a tiuedii; meliud er ngii.
tiuedii a meliud er ngii. a meliud; meliud er a bobai; tiuedii a brak; tudel a sangdiang.
/metuda beginning to get cut; (time) is approaching; often used in expressions to signify that morning or evening is coming.
metudang a mla metiud; obii, metuda klebesei; teliud, blii el erung, tudel.
v.r.s.cut lengthwise or down the middle.
teliud a teluidel; mla metiud; tiuedii a sangdiang; tmiud a bobai, meliud; tudel a bobai.
telutiudv.r.s.redup.(lips) chapped or having broken skin. to be cut lengthwise or down the middle.
tuidel a kirel metiud; meliud er ngii; tiuedii a bobai; tmiud a brak, tudel.
meliud er a rakexpr.celebrate the New Year.
meliud er a ululexpr.constitute one's real responsibility.
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> It's approaching midnight.

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