mengeed, or stitch patch onto; fix temporarily or sloppily; push (person) against (wall, etc.).
mengeed a meruul mechut el klalo; chemedii a blai, chemeed a bail; chedel. a rosmii a telat el bail; rullii a mechut el mlai; mengeed er ngii; cheed, chedel. a mengeed, chemedii a bilel, chemeed a mechut el mlai.
chacheedv.recip.push each other.
chacheed a di du el mengeed a mlirir, chemedii a mlil, chemeed a klauchad el mo ungil, chedel.
chedallv.a.s.chedall a kirel el mecheed; mengeed a rechad; chemeed a klauchad, mo ungil el kerekikl a rechad.
v.r.s.sewn, stitched or fixed temporarily; pushed.
cheleed a mla mecheed; chemedii a mlai, chemeed a bail, mengeed, chedel a mechut el bail.
cheleodelv.r.s.patched; (injured limb) patched up and hard to move; sewn, stitched or fixed temporarily.
cheleodel a mla mecheed; cheleed diak le melemalt, chimal a cheleodel.
/chemedall to be sewn, stitched or fixed temporarily.
cheodel a kirel el mecheed; chemeed a mechut el bail, chemedii, mengeed, mlik a cheodel.
mecheedv.erg.get/become stuck.
mecheed a cheleed; mechut el mlai a rruul; chemedii, chemeed a mechut el mlai, mengeed, chedel.
milecheedv.erg.pastgot/became stuck.
> The boy was stuck precariously in the banana tree; the spear is stuck precariously in the coral rocks.

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