milil,; fool around; relax; celebrate.
milil a diak el ourreor; merau a merael el milil a beluu; rebuik a milil er a tebetab.
mesesililv.i.redup.fool around.
mesesilil a di milil; chetil el ourreor.
mililv.i.have fun (sexually).
milil er a outside in the moonlight.
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> Toki went to Guam just to fool around.
> The children are playing in the house.
> The children are playing somewhere or other.
More Examples:
> I went out last night.
> I told my mom that I'm going to the park.
> My friends and I went out last night. We didnt get home until this morning.
> These ladies clubbing are so wild.
> The children are playing outside on the see-saw.

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