omerius, v.t.(current, flood) take or carry (person, thing) along with it. .
omerius a mechakl; merius, berius a mla merusii a ert, berusel a ert.
merusii a omerius; omechakl erngii er a daob; berusel a ert. a omerius; omechakl er a berius.
beriusv.s.absent-minded; forgetful.
berriusv.r.s.carried along by (current, flood).
berrius a mla oberius; obechakl, merusii, mlai a berrius er a berius, berusel.
berusallv.a.s.berusall a kirel el oberius, merusii, merius a besbas.
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More Examples:
> There is a strong current at the river.
omerrous, v.t.dream about.
omerrous a berrusel; merrusii a mla mad el demal; merrous a meklou el blai. a omerrous er ngii; berrous.
blerrousv.r.s.dreamt about.
blerrous a mla oberrous; mirrusii, ulemerrous, berrusel.
ombeberrousv.t.redup.sort of dream about; imagine; daydream; wish for something to happen.
ombeberrous a beberrusel; uldesuel, omeltkel, ko er a omerrous.
omerrous el kmoexpr.dream that.
omerrous el ua seexpr.dream that.
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> There are ones who have dreamed about being in that place.
More Examples:
> Ulang is hoarding her mango and doesn't want to share, hopefully she will get a bellyache.

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