omukel, v.t.cut down; push (person) down.
omukel a duobech el mitelek; mukel el mei er eou; mkelii a kerrekar, ukelel a lius.
/mkelii a omukel er ngii; ukelel. a omukel; mkelii a lius, duobech a kerrekar me ng me er eou; ukelel.
v.r.s.cut or pushed down.
blukel a ulukel; mla meukel, a lius a blukel, mkelii, ukelel.
ulukel a mla mukel el me moiit; mla mkelii a lius; mukel a kerrekar, ukelel; lius a ulukel er a eolt.
v.erg.fall down; collapse.
meukel a ulukel; diak el dechor; mla mukel a kerrekar, mkelii a lius; ukelel. to be cut or pushed down.
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> He cut down his own banana.
A man supplies fertilizer (money) for a banana tree that, eventually, provides fruit (gifts of food). The cycle, in this saying, is compared with that of the food-money cycle of a marriage in which the wife's clan provides food and service, while the husband's clan provides occasional payments of money. If a banana tree is cut down before it bears fruit, the cycle is interrupted. Hence, a man who marries incestuously within his own clan and thereby inhibits the foodmoney cycle.
> An ukall tree won't become a titimel tree.
i.e., a child will resemble its father; human nature will not change. The ukal, a lumber tree, resembles the titiml, a fruit bearing tree, at least to the extent that both are trees and become quite large. Both have assets but are quite different. The idiom is applied in the sense that a child resembles its father and will become what its father was. It may also be used to mean "human nature can't be changed."

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