omoket, v.t.unwrap; unravel; unwind; comb out/undo (hair) with hands; break (hold); lift (magic spell); (chicken, etc.) fall back or hesitate when fighting; pay dues, money at ocheraol, etc.
omoket a oltobed; moket a udoud, meketii a uldurokl, beketel. a omoket er ngii; meketii a udoud, kodekedii a delibuk; beketel a kall. a omoket; oltobed; meketii a udoud; moket a beldechelel, beketel.
/beketall to be unwrapped, unravelled, unwound or undone.
bekatel a kirel el oboket; meterakl, toreklii a kall, moket a cheuikl, omoket a uldurokl, beketel.
beketall a bekatel.
v.a.s.bekatel a kirel el oboket, udoud a bekatel, moket a beldechelel, beketel a udoud.
beketall a bekatel.
v.r.s.unwrapped; unravelled; unwound; undone; (magic spell) lifted.
bloket a blekatel; mla oboket, mla mo diak el delibuk, eketii, moket , beketel.
keboketv.recip.unwrap things/pay dues together.
keboket a didu el omoket; oltobed, keboket a belduchel, meketii, moket, beketel a udoud.
obeketangv.erg.inch.obeketang a mla oboket; diak el delibuk.
obeketungv.erg.pred.obeketung a kmeed el oboket.
oboketv.erg.get unwrapped; unravelled; undone.
oboket a bloket; blekatel, meketii a kall, moket a uldurokl, beketel a kall; mla oboket a beldechelel.
oboket a daobexpr.time after mengeai when tides begin to vary.
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